In the Picture Above is from left to right: Tom O’Connor-Vice Chairman, Bruce DeMent-Chairman, Nick-Recent Graduate, and William Ziemer-Director of Operations, Children’s Dyslexia Centers, Inc. Lexington , MA. The Picture was taken at the Supreme Council Session in Chicago this past August, 2011.


My son did not talk until he was almost 5. He was diagnosed with Autism and then with Aspersers, Depression, Bi-Polar, and well I had a list of 13 different things at one time but decided to throw that out. Finally he was diagnosed with Dyslexia and Central Auditory Disorder, these I believe to be correct.

Nick was taking medications for depression at the age of 6 and never participated in school.   He never had any friends and was sad and angry every day.   He even spoke of suicide on a daily basis.  He would not look anyone in the eye and in school was accused by the teachers as being lazy for not writing in his journal and was punished for it.

I was told by my school district when he was in the second or third grade that I needed to accept the fact that my son would never learn how to read. Yes, the superintendent actually said those exact words!

Today Nick is 17 and a senior in HS and has been on the honor roll for the past two years.   He does not take any medications and has made friends for over 3 years now.  I feel I owe it to the Valley of Chicago Learning Center, and All the Masons for supporting the Learning Center.   You see my son had no hopes of ever learning how to read and had a very low self esteem going to the public school system.  But that all changed once he started attending the Center.   Maybe not right off the bat, you see we had tried many things before coming to you and all had failed.   But with a little time and the patience of the special teachers at the Center Nick started coming around.  You have changed his life forever and of course mine, and my other son’s also —for we watched Nick struggle and felt helpless and frustrated for so many years.

Thank you for helping every single one of these kids in your Center!  Please know you are helping change the lives of families, one child at a time.”

Forever Thankful,

Nick’s Mom


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